April 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s that crazy time in the semester, April (n): the month every college student wishes they weren’t a college student. The weather is crazy this month, which basically matches up with how all your classes are probably going too, am I right? Anyway, even though you may feel like you’re taking a lot of L’s this semester, you’re not; we’re all on the same struggle bus.

So I know at this point your 9:30 a.m. lectures are impossible to wake up for and dare I say….look cute for?! But it is possible, and honestly dressing up and feeling good about yourself will probably keep you way more awake during that power hour lecture than yoga pants and a crewneck ever would.

Which is why this Fashionista’s outfit perfect for class! First off, skinny jeans never fail to make you look put together. The blouse this Fashionista has on is casual yet still looks very put together, which your professors won’t over look. The Alex and Ani bracelets and earrings add personality to the outfit which makes the outfit fun. Fringe, whether it be on your shirt, pants, dress or shoes is back and making a huge comeback. The booties this Fashionista is wearing were already super cute but the fringe makes them that much better. Looking presentable for class is something that not only should make you look good but feel good.

One Simple Change: Date night: whether it be dinner for the first time or a movie for the twentieth time, wearing a pretty casual outfit and dressing it up a bit with jewelry never fails.