Yes, you can bear those nose-bleeder heels for a special night out, and you can tolerate the annual donning of the dorky Christmas sweater from Grandma, but for the everyday—sometimes all day—routine of classes, neither comfort nor style should be compromised. Fortunately, they don’t have to be. By mixing and matching your wardrobe standbys with some special touches, you can have it both ways.

This Fashionista is a perfect example. She has started her outfit with the fashion equivalents of comfort food: jeans and a T-shirt. From this base, she has built a kicky look with a bomber jacket, colorful knotted scarf and the ever-popular adidas sneakers. Meanwhile, her top bun adds a dash of sophistication while showing off her favorite earrings. It’s an eclectic combination that makes this everyday outfit a real standout.

Notice this Fashionista’s choice of jeans: the straight cut. This streamlined fit, and the absence of rips or holes, confer a sense of polish to her ensemble. The bottom cuffs add a crisp, clean look as well. The overall effect is at once relaxed and put together—ideal for a day on campus!

One Simple Change: Planning to chill after a day of lectures and labs? No need for a full wardrobe change before hitting that restaurant, music venue or game night. Just switch out the sneakers for booties or your favorite flats, and voilà! You’ve bumped your outfit up a notch. It’s just the tweak you need for some extra femininity and panache.