April 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

I wake up with a new hope of spring actually feeling and looking like a spring day should every day. However, Ohio never fails to surprise me. It may be spring, but that will not stop the snow from continuing to touch the ground. Our only hope of surviving this never-ending winter is improvisation. As I approached the fashion school, I spotted this Fashionisto with the perfect combination of spring with winter touches. It’s difficult to dress for a season that isn’t quite upon us yet, but somehow he managed to throw the correct pieces together.

On first glance, this Fashionisto is dressed precisely for the winter in black slacks, a black coat and a graphic shirt. It isn’t until after he sheds his coat that we are able to see the perfect touch of spring colors! Reds and oranges are sure to brighten a day from the dreary depression a long season of black is sure to ensue. You can never go wrong with casual plaid. What makes this combination so perfect is the simplicity of it all. I can tell it was not overly thought about that morning, but simply placed together to create a casual, everyday class ensemble. There’s no need to go over the top when you can naturally look and feel laid back in a lecture hall!

One Simple Change: If the weather decides to warm up (I’ll pray about it since this is Ohio), it wouldn’t be too difficult to transition this outfit into one entirely for spring. Switching the darker shades to lighter tones would go a long way in ensuring uplifting spring vibes. Simply roll up the sleeves, and you’re set; it’s perfectly pre-approved plaid.