I have a theory that the number of bowls of cereal I consume in a day is positively correlated with the amount of schoolwork I have, and right now I’m eating Cheerios like my life depends on it. I hope the rest of you Fashionistas/os are in a healthier cereal consumption range than I am right now, but if I’ve learned anything from four years of college, it’s that the final stretch of the spring semester is never the walk in the park that you want it to be.

Luckily, you can still feel put together (even when your thoughts are all over the place) by following the lead of this Fashionista. She has centered her look around classic pieces, pairing a white button-down shirt with a black mini skirt. Her trench coat, great for April’s unpredictable weather, is the perfect complement to her sophisticated yet playful style. I love how she has rolled up the coat’s sleeves to expose the plaid lining—a reminder of how outfit-making details can be found in unexpected places.

With these timeless, no-fail pieces in place she adds a modern twist to the look with a pair of mirrored sunglasses and white sneakers. Finally, with her oversized leather tote bag, she is ready for whatever the school day brings. So, next time you are tempted to reach for your sweatpants before your 10:00 a.m. lecture, remember this Fashionista, who proves that by keeping it classic you can rock those final assignments while feeling comfortable and looking polished.

One Simple Change: Rushing to your off-campus internship after class? Swap out the casual kicks for a pair of loafers or block heels, and you’re good to go! Maybe grab a power bar while you’re at it, too.