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April 18th, 2016 at 2:07am

Ever wake up from your deep slumber in a frantic rush to decide what to wear for your day of classes? Do you worry about having to sacrifice your style for comfort? Well, as your resident Style Guru, I have a simple solution to all of your worries, plus I will get you to class on time with this easy outfit suggestion!

This Fashionista put together an outfit that will make your wildest during-class daydreams come true. The outfit is stylish and looks complete, yet in reality is as comfortable showing up to class in sweatpants. By mixing comfortable basics, a bohemian cardigan and unique and colorful accessories, she assures that no one would question how long ago she actually rolled out of bed.

The pairing of the long, black tunic with black leggings makes it socially acceptable to wear leggings as pants, and it makes the day so much more comfortable. The sleek low-top sneakers add an edge to the outfit, yet they are very functional for walking around campus. Lastly, the addition of this cream sweater and colorful, bohemian jewelry make the look unique and add a personal touch to the ensemble. This outfit is perfect for running around and getting a lot done, yet you will not feel uncomfortable in it for a day filled with lectures.

One Simple Change: Switch out the cardigan for an army jacket and you are ready for a dinner out with the girls; or swap out the leggings for ripped boyfriend jeans for a day of shopping and exploring!