April 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Class: what every college student dreads about the week. All we want to do is get through the week to experience the freedom and fun of the weekend. Although our classes get us to our degrees, we hate waking up for them every morning (unless you’re one of the lucky ones who start their day in the afternoon).

It is hard to be our stylish selves when we have to wake up early to attend our courses. Laziness can get the best of us in the morning, thus resulting in going to class in a comfy ensemble such as yoga pants and a T-shirt, but you do not have to settle for this outfit. Never sacrifice style for comfort; it is possible to do both.

This Fashionista is rocking my go-to look for going to class: jeans and a simple top. Jeans paired with a basic top can still hint to your personal style and still be comfortable for class. Solid colored tops come in a myriad of styles. You can have your shirt cropped, long-sleeved or as a tank top. Your tops can also have different necklines or have cool styles on the back such as a keyhole. Jeans also come in several washes and the denim can be mixed with different materials, such as spandex, to make them more comfortable. You can show off personal style by wearing a pair of ripped jeans or even a slight flare. I like how this Fashionista wore cuffed jeans to draw attention to her shoes.

Sunglasses are a must for sunny days on campus. This Fashionista placed her pair of clubmaster sunglasses on the top of her head to pull back her hair while in the shade. It is important to sport sunglasses on campus to protect your eyes from UV rays, and it helps add another element to your look. She also accessorized with a cute tote bag. This particular tote bag is from the brand called Longchamp, which is seen a lot around our campus.

This Fashionista finishes her look with a pair of Converse, a classic go-to shoe for college students across the country. Converse are a staple item in any closet. You can tell this Fashionista’s pair are worn. It’s always cool to see how much love a pair of Converse have gotten because they are such a great shoe to wear to so many occasions.

One Simple Change: Want to carry your outfit from class into the weekend? Try swapping out your Converse for a pair of cute wedges to go to brunch with your friends. Brunch is an occasion that you don’t have to be too dressed up for, but it’s an event you can have fun with your outfit. Swapping out tennis shoes for a pair of wedges would keep your look casual and comfortable while amplifying it to appear a little more stylish.