What to wear to a 9:00 a.m. biology lecture you’re not exactly psyched about? As the end of the semester draws nearer, the assignments pile up and the time spent day-dreaming of summer increases, attending those early science lectures becomes more and more unthinkable. More than that, it’s hard to imagine not showing up to class in in your pajamas, guzzling coffee and rocking a bed-head kind of chic. The best way to cope? Dress up and dress well. After all, it is said that you feel exponentially better when you look good.

Take a cue from this Fashionista’s monochromatic palette: she pairs heeled suede boots with pants, a simple black top, a sleek blazer and a leather backpack. Creating a fierce look by bringing together classic pieces from ASOS and Gap, this killer outfit definitely helps cope with those early morning lectures. Finding that perfect fitting blazer is one of the greatest fashion achievements in my opinion because a properly proportioned blazer can take an outfit from scruffy, to composed and timeless. As a student living in New York City, it’s difficult to carry all your books and not feel a little nerdy lugging around a big backpack. You solution is the leather backpack trend. I’ve found that men’s sections of stores have a better leather backpacks, whereas a nice pair of booties and  form-fitting pants can be better found in the women’s section.

One Simple Change: One must remind themselves that no matter how crazy the semester gets, the holidays will, in fact, arrive eventually. Planning on being a tourist this summer break? Switch out the heeled boots for this flat suede Chelsea boot so you can do all the walking and sightseeing wherever you go.