March 31st, 2016 at 2:00am

This trendy Fashionista is enjoying the warm spring weather while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. With full days of class, museum visits and shopping, she’s dressed comfortable and chic for her day of new adventures. Her trendy outfit is partially clothing she brought along with her on her semester abroad and other pieces she purchased on her after class shopping excursions.

She is photographed in classic black leggings that allow her to be comfortable throughout her day. Considering leggings are seen as athletic wear, they are a perfect choice for her due the amount of walking she does throughout her day. To dress up her look, she paired the simple look of the leggings with a striped, strapless, bodysuit. The white and blue coloring of the stripes adds a spring like feeling to her look. Even though it is starting to feel like spring for this Fashionista, it is still chilly in the morning on her walk to school. This Fashionista adds a light blue jean jacket to her outfit to keep warm in the cool breezy morning but to keep the overall spring feel to her attire. Lastly she has completed her look with simple white sneakers. Wearing little sneakers in all sorts of colors is a popular spring shoe choice. Her choice in wearing low-top sneakers is for style and comfort.

The black leggings that she is wearing can be found in a variety of clothing stores for a large range or prices. She purchased her leggings at Forever 21. The striped bodysuit is the piece of her outfit that she purchased while studying abroad. Although she bought it in Florence, it can be found online at one of our favorite stores, Subdued. The light blue jean jacket can also be found at various stores in different shades of blue and with different accessories added onto it. She went with a simple light blue jacket with no added on accessories. Lastly, the white sneakers are Keds and can be found in many stores and online.

One Simple Change: To completely change her this Fashionista look from an outfit to wear to class to a gathering with friends at night, this Fashionista can either lose her jacket and show off her strapless top or switch her shoes for some booties or strappy sandals.