Everyone used to have their favorite pair of overalls at some point during their childhood, and it’s time to have a new favorite pair. The jumpers have been slowly but surely making their way back into current trends. What used to be a go-to for park swings and bug catching expeditions has now become a staple in festival fashion for millennials. The trendsetting fashions introduced through music festivals each year serve as inspiration for everyday fashion. Overalls come in lace, denim, leather, distressed or tailored styles for any personality. All of these varieties make the fashion item perfect for any particular aesthetic. Anyone can effortlessly pull off a pair with confidence.

Overalls are fantastic for going to class because they are extraordinarily comfortable for walking around campus and sitting in lecture halls. They are also easy to style very quickly. This Fashionista knows how to pull together a lively look for a long day of classes. She styles her denim overalls with a cozy gray sweater and a classic pair of white Converse. The baseball cap and sneakers accomplish a more laid back look and add some sporty finishing touches.

One Simple Change: Overalls are acceptable year-round depending on how they are worn. This particular look is perfect for spring semester as the temperatures get a little warmer. When finals are over and summer finally arrives, trade the sweater for a relaxed tank top. Also, if you’re feeling a little nostalgic, try on a denim overall skirt for a little trip back to the playground days.