Getting dressed for class isn’t always our first priority. We start to wonder if it’s even worth it, especially when we can barely get out of bed for that 8 a.m. class. For those days when you’re feeling just a bit lazy and can’t decide whether to be stylish or comfortable, here are a few pointers that you don’t have to compromise.

Cool tones in layers are always in style and, not to mention, super easy to put together. This Fashionisto paired a simple gray T-shirt with dark gray denim and a navy blue windbreaker. The light gray contrasts exceptionally well with his jacket and completes the look with matching dark gray Vans.

Haven’t you heard Vans are all the rage? If you don’t have a pair in your closet, they’re a great every day staple to own. The sneakers sync with his matching gray jeans creating a monochromatic slash contrasting look that RADiates classroom-cool.

Meanwhile, this Fashionisto’s navy blue jacket is everything and definitely contributes a little something extra to the outfit. Without it, the look could’ve fallen victim to a pit of gray melancholy, much like the sky that day. I love Columbia jackets because the quality is amazing and wildly functional for cloudy days that turn into rainy ones or vice versa.

One Simple Change: We’ll be entering summer any day now. So, in order to be prepared for any curve ball the weather throws at us, here’s a quick tip to keep you ready for anything. Leave the windbreaker at home and switch out the jeans for some colorful pair of breezy shorts.