Taking walks between classes in the city can be so refreshing! It’s great to just take a stroll and forget about how hectic the month of April will be. Yep, that’s right, finals are just around the corner. While on my adventure around the city I bumped into this edgy Fashionista. Everything from her curly locks to her shoes were just so on point.

Her outfit was well put together, and what I personally liked the most was that she wore all black but also rocked a graphic NASA T-shirt that really stood out. This Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect combination for class. It was comfortably laid out, yet very sharp. The combination of minimal edginess and her laid-back T-shirt and hair really helped her stand out in the busy streets of downtown Philadelphia.

The Fashionista added sharpness to her outfit by wearing black lightly acid washed jeans and pairing it with the classic leather jacket. The incorporation of the graphic T-shirt adds a fun element to her outfit with its bright colors, while her boots stay intact with the rest of her black ensemble. Her leather mini backpack was definitely the icing on the cake.

Recreate this look the next time you go to class. You can try pairing it with sneakers to change it up a bit, but while still keeping the minimalist look to it.

One Simple Change: Switch the boots for a pair of strappy heels for a night out ensemble and you’re ready to go!