Unfortunately, the excitement of Spring Break is officially over and it is now time to start gearing up for finals. This school year is almost over, and the closer it gets, the harder it is to get out of bed and put in the time to gather pieces for a glamourous outfit. Sometimes, there is nothing better than grabbing the first comfortable piece of clothing you see in the closet, tossing it on and then heading out the door. Since, when you’re feeling exhausted, you don’t think twice when sacrificing style for comfort. When I spotted this Fashionista strutting her way to class, I thought her outfit was a perfect mix of comfort and style.

Simplicity is key. The color palette of her outfit is neutral, which makes it easier for styling or adding pieces that matches. This Fashionista sports the classic black skinny jeans with a pair of black ankle booties. To add some color, she wears a striped T-shirt that’s neutral-colored which complements the darker tones. In order to add her personality into the look, she wore a unique and edgy choker that completes her outfit. What I love about this outfit is it emphasizes her personal style in a comfortable way, without the sacrifice.

Don’t let the preparation for finals bring you or your wardrobe down. Choosing simplicity will help keep your inner Fashionista fire burning!

One Simple Change: After you’re done with a day full of classes sometimes all you want to do is wind down with a couple friends and have a girl’s night out. To change this look into a nighttime outfit, you could add a colored leather jacket along with booties with a bigger heel and you are all set!