March 30th, 2016 at 2:00am

It is important for every Fashionista/o to show their personality through their outfit. There are always trends that are in style, but copying your favorite celebrity or fashion blogger’s outfit doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd. A way to add flare and personality to your outfit is by incorporating multiple trends at once.

This Fashionista did just that by pairing jewel tones with suede, which are both popular winter trends. She opted to tone down the colors of her outfit with stone colored booties, tights and a backpack. She is also wearing a black peacoat on top to keep her warm. This look is perfect for class because it is comfortable but still cute. It showed that this Fashionista was ready to learn but wanted to stand out.

Her emerald green sweater and amethyst lip were the perfect jewel tones to wear for winter. She also added a pearl necklace to show some personality and add a classic piece to her otherwise very trendy look. The colors she wore were bold and stood out against the gray buildings and skies of Albany’s campus.

Her suede skirt also stood out and complemented the green sweater very nicely. Suede skirts are so in for the winter and can also be easily transitioned to your spring wardrobe. Her backpack was not only practical for carrying all of her notebooks to class, but also added pizzaz to her outfit because the shape and zippers were super unique. She matched her backpack with her shoes and tights. I loved that instead of wearing basic black tights she switched it up by wearing dark grey ones, which is a fun way to stray from solid black without adding distracting colors.

One Simple Change: This look is perfect for class because it allows you to look fashionable but still feel comfortable enough to sit in a lecture. If you have an interview right after class with not much time to change, all you have to do is switch out the suede skirt for a plain black pencil skirt and switch the purple lip to nude.