Every Fashionista wants to find the perfect balance between polish and comfort when you’re getting ready for class. We want to look presentable, but there are those days when we simply want to put on loungewear. How do Fashionistas find the happy medium? Through my experience, I have found that there are a few key pieces help you dress for success. Slip-on sneakers and fur vests complement each other, because they provide the perfect combination of laid back and luxe.

Slip-on sneakers are a great staple and should be in every closet. From low-top patterned to high-top suede, there are so many different styles that fit in with any outfit. The best part is that they are so comfortable! Your feet will feel like they’re in your runners while looking hip.

This Fashionista wears these cool kicks with a favorite pair of jeans, sweater and fur vest. The fur vest is such a staple because it works from winter to spring. It dresses up a distressed T-shirt and looks great with a nice blouse or sweater. If you don’t want to wear real fur, then go for faux fur! There are so many stores today with faux fur options. The point is to find the right size. A Fashionista can opt for a cropped version or an oversized vest.

This Fashionista topped her heather green tunic with a cropped beige vest. She plays with different hemlines and layers while still looking polished. In this look, she is ready to work the hallways as a runway.

One Simple Change: To look ready for parent’s weekend, swap the jeans and sweater for a simple T-shirt dress. The dress is more put together than a sweater and jeans combination. Plus, it makes a great first impression when reuniting with your parents. The vest can make the dress more classy instead of too casual. But, you can still keep it cool in your sneakers.