Midterm season is upon us, my fab Fashionistas/os, and every one of us knows what that entails: hours spent slaving away in the library, too many Starbucks runs to count and (most importantly) the ever-present craving to wear nothing but ratty sweats and mothball-ridden flannels. It can be incredibly difficult to prioritize dressing up for a tiresome day of classes and exams while running on little sleep, which is why I was completely drawn to this Fashionista as she strolled by the library looking ever so comfy yet totally put together.

Grunge is the key to feeling both cozy and trendy during those painfully lengthy study sessions, with layers being the ultimate survival tip. Our gal opted for a striped, cotton romper and some killer thigh-high socks with a fantastically punk plaid sweater tied around her waist. Although the weather has been pretty kind to us San Diegans lately, going to and from classes and the library (at all hours of the night and day) can make it hard to tell if an extra layer is necessary. Keeping one tied around the waist is a perfect solution—and our Fashionista gets extra points for pairing two different prints so effortlessly.

What’s more, her accessory game puts every other student’s to shame. Her wide-brimmed hat is both on point and functional and throws some serious shade in more ways than one. Strutting to and from lectures in the heat of the afternoon can take its toll on any student; remember to protect yourself from those rays! Her novelty wristlet screams funk and is much more handy than a huge backpack when the only items necessary for an exam are a number two pencil and a couple skinny red scantrons—not to mention her adorable BB-8 droid keychain. Our Fashionista’s platform booties don’t go unnoticed either, and while they add some serious height to her petite frame, they give off possibly the best illusion of all time. Since all the elevation rests within the platform, there is little to no actual heel on the bootie, providing comfortable support for those quick sprints to Starbucks.

One Simple Change: Going out later to celebrate after class? Ditch the hat, sweater and stockings. Instead, opt for a classic leather jacket and a bold choker to keep the edgy vibe of the look.