Answer this: Lisa Vanderpump or Bethenny Frankel? Cheetah Girls or High School Musical? Brushed teeth or orange juice? Brangelina or Bennifer (pre-heartbreaking cheating scandal, #bitter)?

These questions are tricky, you guys! We’re talking the pop culture equivalent of level 500,000 Calculus—Calculus B.C.… You don’t have to tell me, this stuff is not kindergarten material!

Like seriously, you cannot actually require me, the most devout Bravo-er of all time, to pick either the woman who taught Jiggy how to sit and roll over or the creator of low calorie vodka—as if! Forget about global warning, this just got real…

I simply cannot and will not accept that Lisa Vanderpump and Ms. Frankel cannot inhabit the same dinner party as Brangelina, their 6 kids and Bennifer living happily after ever. Throw in a classy rendition of “I Want Fabulous” by the one and only Raven Simone and I think we’re in business! A girl can dream, right? But, Andy Cohen, you can make this a reality. Go, go, go! Do you copy? Hello? Hello?

Basically, I’m an equal opportunist, so to say. Me, well, I am a firm believer that we never have to choose one over the other. Just call me a fan of juxtaposition. Yeah, let’s go with that one.

The thing with juxtaposition is that, at it’s core, it’s just fan-freaking-tastic! Honestly, its motto is take one thing that you love, college, mix it with another thing that you love, fashion, and mix it together for some CollegeFashionista (see what I did there?) and you’re 20 times better off than when you started!

Well, that golden juxtaposition is exactly what this Fashionista accomplished. By combining two opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, this fashion-forward collegiate seamlessly styled a look that was both grungy and girly at the same time! Her ripped jeans from Frame and skull bag from Knit Wit, which I am beyond obsessed with, brought an edgy vibe. Balanced out by the sweet, sky blue top from Urban Outfitters and the polished Steve Madden flats, this ensemble has successfully achieved balance. It’s a ten out of ten in my book, and in this case, what I say goes.

This stylist in training finished off her look with an appropriate amount of jewelry and a natural, wavy hairstyle for an effortless vibe. Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Cherry blossoms: spot them in the background.

One Simple Change: Chronically late to, well, everything? I know I am! Instead of switching up your whole outfit, change the top to a dressier, chiffon black top and throw on some stilettos. You’re now in the perfect attire for a late night, dinner in spring.