April 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Walking to class in the snow, ice and wind is never fun! This Fashionista totally caught my eye during my walk to class. The sporty look is very in right now with all the adidas and Calvin Klein merchandise. I can’t get over it! I am a lover of sweatpants, sports bras and tennis shoes; now, that’s all I’m seeing on my social media feeds. This Fashionista is totally rocking this sporty look from head to toe.

This Fashionista has mad layering skills. Pairing her cropped crewneck with a heavier jacket shows some dimension, and just adds so much to this outfit. Her jacket is super tasteful and warm looking too. Let’s be real: you can’t walk around campus with anything lighter than this right now. I just love the whole feel of this look.

Her lululemon leggings, beanie and New Balance tennies are my favorite part of this outfit. Her leggings are a must-have during the cold spring semester, but are also an easy change for a workout session. Iowa State’s campus gets pretty chilly this time of year. I especially love this season because of all the stylish beanies you can rock! Her New Balance shoes are so RAD, and have great neutral, black and gold colors; they look extremely comfortable! All together, this outfit is sporty and chic all at the same time.

One Simple Change: Although I think this is the perfect look to rock when going to class, if you like to go to the gym after class, just slip on a tank top for the perfect workout attire!