March 29th, 2016 at 2:10am

Damn, Daniel back at it again with the white high-top Vans. Okay…so maybe the trending video of the past month wasn’t the best fashion advice, but the white Vans actually look great on! You will look comfortable and so stylish that maybe someone will film you when you walk down the street. Whether you are taking a stroll or going to class your Vans won’t fail you. This Fashionista paired her white high-top Vans with her mom jeans and she is slaying the streets.

Let’s be real, most of our classrooms reach about 60 degrees so you can’t forget to dress warm for class! This Fashionista has an amazing jacket because you can fit just about anything in the oversized pockets, especially snacks. The black crop top fits perfectly with her high-waisted jeans. This is a classic ’90s look that is great to help express yourself in class without being too crazy. She even cuffed her jeans which sends more focus to the bottom half of her outfit. The moon necklace and large hoop earrings help break up the blocked colors of her jeans and crop top. She paired this outfit with a matte red-brown lip color that is a nice balance for the color palette. This Fashionista is ready to for anything her professors may ask her!

One Simple Change: Done of classes for the day and deserve a nice dinner? No problem, just change your white Vans to a strappy black heel, remove the jacket and you are ready to go!