What is the most challenging thing to overcome in the morning? Convincing ourselves to wake up early in order to look presentable for school! If you’re in the same club as me and cannot step out of the house without looking above par, whether it be for a fashion related event or just class, this one’s for you. That being said, allocating enough time towards getting ready in the morning can be quite the struggle. This Fashionista who I met in one of my classes actually explained how styling yourself in the morning doesn’t always have to be time consuming. Just by picking your outfit the night before you can save so much time! Even enough for you to sleep through a few more snoozes. I have a penchant for all things stylish, and when it’s this effortless, I’m always on board.

Spring is code for welcoming floral prints into our wardrobe and this Fashionista does just that. Although she admitted that she is a proponent for maximizing the percentage of black in every outfit, she does justice in introducing new patterns and textures as we transition into a new season. The floral print blouse is like taking a walk in the spring—very refreshing. The black stockings keep her legs warm (because in the north it is still quite chilly). The long maxi cardigan effortlessly pulls the whole outfit together. I also think the fedora serves it’s purpose quite well—protects her eyes from the sun while making her look extra stylish. She matched the outfit with a pair of extremely hip metallic silver shoes which are definitely my favorite part of the outfit. To add further details to the outfit, she incorporated a silver crescent moon pendant into the look. Her round-framed glasses also complemented the whole attire really well.

One Simple Change: Too hot for layers? No worries. Ditch the stockings and cardigan and voila! An easy transition to an outfit you can wear on a warmer weekend spring day. You could also lose the fedora and wear your hair in a high ponytail for days that are extra hot.