With temperatures below freezing in Connecticut, I am seeing many big puffy coats and unattractive accessories; basically anything to keep you warm in this tundra, I have seen on campus. In these desperately freezing times, I have a confession to make: I am not as fashion conscious when it comes to snow attire. I just try and not freeze my butt off in this weather, so ugly gloves and weird snow boots will have to do. Fortunately some Fashionista’s will do whatever it takes in order to stay trendy. This season we are seeing a lot of ‘70s-inspired clothing coming back. We have seen this trend really coming into the forefront with flared pants, platforms and bohemian style prints. Now we are seeing it in a whole new light.

I found this Fashionista on campus engulfed in ‘70s style attire. From her high-waisted jeans with oversized furry cardigan and the biggest trend at the moment, a tied up long sleeve. This tie up top has been in many stores and in many different styles. These styles range from plunging necklines to more conservative style. This shirt really does look great on any bust type as well. She proved this outfit is very much wearable for dressing up for class as well as appropriate if she wanted to go to a café for some lattes after class. If she wanted to go out on the town this outfit can be totally transformed into a day to night look.

One Simple Change: Simply swap out the fur cardigan for a leather jacket and change the boots to heeled booties and you have completely changed the vibe of the look, ready for the night out.