March 30th, 2016 at 2:00am

Whoa, 50 degrees in Wisconsin during the month of March? There must be a heat wave! Although many are tempted to take home that winter parka, the unpredictable weather warns against it. Will the wind bite, will the sun be too hot or will it randomly start pouring? Is it even possible to look chic for class while dressing for such uncertain circumstances? The answer unequivocally is yes! To the many out of state students still unsure of what to expect: Have no fear! This Fashionista knows how to tackle the weather simultaneously while upholding her own style expectations.

The Fashionista is a master of comfort. She chooses a loose-knit gray and white striped sweater. By doing this, she can play on the white and bring out skinny jeans to match. Also, she can cuff the sleeves and legs to adjust to the temperature. It makes both walking to class, and sitting in class, manageable. She is free from the hassle of dragging a jacket with her. Plus, she feels super relaxed through long lectures thanks to the combination of a loose top and fit pants. She does all this, while still avoiding the “vanilla” look.

She spices this neutral look up with two differentiating pieces. First, a statement necklace with varied metallic hues. The copper, gold and silver combination matches with anything, expanding the variety of any additional jewelry able to be paired with it. Secondly, she wears pointed, blue flats. Playing with the monochromatic idea, the blue helps her to stand out. Sometimes simplicity is key. Reliance on the small details can make or break an outfit.

As this Fashionista continues to defy the weather, she complies to comfort and style in her own way. If she can take on Wisconsin, she can take on the world!

One Simple Change: Does the gang want to have brunch before class? Exchanging the flats for blue, suede or nude pumps is a great way to easily switch this look into a brunch ensemble. To take it a step further, why not throw that hair up into a messy bun and grab a satchel that matches the pumps? Perfect, go forth and conquer the entire day!