March 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

We all do it. We slide on our baggiest sweatpants, pick out a loose T-shirt and throw our hair into a bun to head to class. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I do it, too. We sacrifice style for comfort when we have class, but why not have both?

If you don’t own a sweater or T-shirt dress, you might want to consider adding one or 10 to your wardrobe. It’s like your favorite pair of sweatpants in dress form. It’s like taking off your pajamas in the morning and changing into different ones. These dresses come in all different forms, from the softest spring T-shirt dress imaginable to the fuzziest winter sweater dress you can think of. They’re great—seriously.

This Fashionista could have just gotten out of bed for all we know, but she’s not giving that away with baggy sweatpants or her favorite sleeping T-shirt. She’s rocking her sweater dress exactly the way I would: her outfit is simple, yet she looks really put together. The different colors in the fabric of her dress adds dimension to the loose fabric. Her short brown boots add edge, but keep with the simplicity of the outfit. The jewelry is key for this Fashionista. She stuck with really basic bling: a small gold necklace and a few rings. They sparkle just enough to see on the gray dress but don’t overpower the look.

She’s comfortable for a long day of classes and meetings without looking like she just slept through her alarm. Now that’s my kind of style.

One Simple Change: How would you wear this Fashionista’s outfit to a tailgate? Easy. She could roll up the sleeves to below her elbow and add a jean vest. Change into cowboy boots and add a long necklace and some bangles and she’s ready to cheer on her team.