March 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

While the weather warms up and students decide what to wear to class, the challenge of balancing tests, projects and meetings can call for a quick and cute outfit to throw on.  Of course, jeans are a simple go-to, but may not be ideal for those who want more comfort or to leave class and run to the gym. This Fashionista accomplishes a chic and comfy look that is also transformative.

Athletic apparel has truly become a staple on the streets. This leaves college students everywhere exhilarated and relieved when the time used to pick out an outfit is decreased. Athletic wear is available in many patterns and colors to fit your interests, mood and personality. Thanks to this new trend, being comfortable doesn’t always have to result in wearing sweatpants. This Fashionista quickly catches our attention with her distinct lululemon striped workout pants. The timeless print on these leggings allows her room to wear any basic colored T-shirt, hoodie or sweater. She chose to pair this print with a simple, plain black T-shirt.

Nike Roshe’s are popular gym shoes that come in fun patterns and colors. This Fashionista’s grey Roshe’s give her an effortless athletic look! The neutral color of grey makes being comfortable much easier when there is room to pair them almost any other colors or prints. These shoes can easily be an essential go-to pair of gym shoes.

The beige cardigan tones down the athletic look as she runs to classes and daily activities. This neutral cardigan can also be versatile as it can be paired with jeans, dresses or as shown here–with athletic wear! This Fashionista’s look worked because she didn’t mix a lot of patterns or bold colors together. She combined traditional athletic wear with basic staples for an ensemble that is clean and neutral.

One Simple Change: This look can change in many ways. It can go from a casual day outfit to a gym outfit with a hoodie instead of a cardigan. There are also a lot of white/cream tones, so black gym shoes would tone down the legging pattern and cream sweater a lot.