It’s no secret that wearing athletic clothes to class is becoming very trendy, but for this Fashionista it is a necessity. Like many students at Pace, she is in the performing arts and spends most of her day dancing, but, like every college student, she also spends a good amount of time in a traditional classroom. Her look is the perfect combination of necessity, comfort and style to get her through the school day.

The primary focus of this Fashionista’s killer outfit is her vintage tennis jacket. She said it was her father’s in the ’80s, which is perfect since athletic wear and the ’80s are both making a comeback in fashion right now. This jacket will keep her warm in chilly classrooms and can easily be taken off when she starts grooving in dance. The visor adds to her retro feel, but also keeps her hair out of the way. Walking around Pace’s campus, you’ll see Nike sneakers nearly everywhere you go; they are cute, easy to wear with all kinds of outfits and have the necessary foot support for a college student’s busy lifestyle. The last aspect of this Fashionista’s outfit I want to discuss is her cool, camo backpack. When your day involves multiple types of dance shoes, textbooks and more, a backpack is a must. Although a backpack is a necessity, it can also work as a fashionable accessory. The North Face backpacks are a great option because they come in all sorts of styles to fit your needs, but are also cute and give you a chance to show off your personality.

One Simple Change: Swap out the athletic shorts for some high-waisted jeans to make this outfit perfect for any spring outing. Whether it’s a lunch date or a day in Central Park, you’ll be sure to look rockin’ in this retro ensemble.