Now that summer has closed its doors, students are heading back to class with fresh school supplies and a new wardrobe. At Illinois State University, it is easy to find a trendy Fashionista walking across campus. I caught this fashion merchandising student on her way to the photography lab when I asked to capture her black and white outfit.

When preparing your outfit for the day it can be tricky when your day starts before the sun rises in the east, and you get home after it sets in the west. The key to this outfit is adding light layers. The beginning of September will have days that start chilly then become sweltering hot. One of the more challenging obstacles to overcome is, “classroom climate change.” Classroom climate change refers to the experience when you walk inside from what seems like the surface of the sun to the center of Antartica. It happens at every university across the nation. This Fashionista perfectly planned her outfit to battle the classroom climate change concept.

She paired her black graphic T-shirt with a swoop neckline with a black and white checkered pattern long sleeve flannel button-down. Her all-white denim shorts add brilliant contrast to the darker colors of her layered look. Opting for a more casual look, she chose a pair of high-top Converse sneakers. The perfect choice for being on your feet all day and night. To complete the look, she accessorized with a velvet chocker with a tiger eye crystal. The outfit foreshadows the beginning of fall, with lightweight flannels for a cool girl-vibe.

After finishing your last class of the day, it is time to head to the library for your advanced psychology study group. You will want to opt for longer bottoms like skinny jeans or joggers. Libraries tend to be cooler than most buildings. You are going to be spending a ton of hours there so you will want to be content. You are putting in the time to earn that 4.0 now go and get an A+ in style.