The middle of the semester is upon us, and you know what that means: midterms, papers and maybe binge watching that certain show you’ve been loving on Netflix. During this time in the semester, we struggle to put the effort into getting ready for class. The last thing on our minds is choosing an outfit. All we want to do is crawl back into bed, pull the covers over our heads and pretend as if we do not have any responsibilities. Therefore, whenever I see Fashionistas/os, who are impeccably dressed on campus, I cannot help but smile. This Fashionista decided to keep things fun and simple while staying true to her own personal style.

When I first spotted her on campus, I noticed the uniqueness of each individual piece incorporated into her outfit. In addition, as I walked closer to the Fashionista, I noticed that the pieces were completely different from one another, which I thought was inspiring. The floral tank top paired with the denim jeans served as a blank canvas for this Fashionista’s look. Her floral tank top along her turtle necklace paired with denim jeans and sandals inspire a “beachy” yet casual look. This Fashionista shows us that even if we put minimum effort into an outfit we can still look chic during midterms. She does not let midterms stand in her way, since she already has an A+ in style.

One Simple Change: Are you going from class to dinner with friends? Instead of wearing denim jeans, pair the outfit with denim shorts for a more chic look.