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March 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

Holidays and the festive season are long gone and everyone is back into the groove and rhythm of semester life and classes. In times like these, comfort is a priority in addition to staying well-dressed. One of my favorites for feeling cozy and snug is an oversized, baggy piece of clothing—spotted in this Fashionista’s outfit. The larger, gray top with tighter, long pants perfect the harmonious balance of an easy-going but still ready-for-the-day feel. Add to that a white cap (reminiscent of the white sneakers trend) and you’re all set to combat the sun-rays while moving between buildings and lecture halls.

As a student on the go, you can’t leave behind a backpack. A backpack is a loyal companion to keep all the notebooks, makeup and essentials on standby. The one here is from Calvin Klein and it’s a super chic, sleek and black one. It’s a stylish choice to add to your outfit and keep things convenient at the same time. With black skinnies, a gray top, a white cap and black shoes, the palette of this outfit is rather neutral. Immediately, the little dash of colour on the Fashionista’s nails caught my attention. A minty, Robin egg blue, the nail shade commands its stage on the more dormant background. I’m thinking it’s time to get yourself pampered at a spa to become energized before pouring through the lecture notes and listening to your professor go on about life!

One Simple Change: Is the weather getting warmer? Swap out the long skinnies for a pair of shorts to go with the oversized top.