March 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter is behind us, which means springtime is upon us! But with spring comes frequent rain showers. When it’s raining, it’s hard to get up and go to class. The best motivation is to put on a cute outfit to get you through the day. During the rainy days, as college students, we need to dress for warmth and comfort. When going to class, no one wants to be drenching wet and cold while having to sit through long lectures. The best way to get through a rainy day in college is to dress for the weather, meaning wearing anything to keep you dry. You can save this stylish outfit for when the rain goes away and comes again another day.

This Fashionista is dressed in a sporty yet casual outfit prepared for the rainy day. This black raincoat doesn’t slow her down from getting to class because it’s cozy and water-resistant. To keep her outfit even more comfortable, she has on gray leggings. And to tie in her gray leggings, she is wearing a sporty Nike cap to cover her hair from the rain. Her stylish olive green duck boots keep her warm and dry while walking to class. She also tops her outfit off by accessorizing with her glasses. This outfit is simple yet fashionable, and she is ready to take on the rain!

One Simple Change: When it’s not raining anymore, you can just switch out the duck boots for sneakers to make a sportier look for when you are hanging out with friends or family on the weekend.