April 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

The University of Mississippi student’s style for attending class is infamous as big T-shirts, sweatpants and any form of workout gear. It is rare to find a student who is dressed in jeans, dresses or suits unless the student is giving a presentation for class. But ‘Ole Miss students love to show their personal styles with their super casual clothes.

On the way to lunch with friends I stopped this Fashionista to inquire about her style for going to class. The Fashionista said she loves to wear sweaters to class since they are great for this awkward in between weather we have been having in Mississippi where the weather is starting to get warmer but is still cool in the morning and evenings. The Fashionista explained that Nike sneakers are her go to shoes for class as well as running errands because they are comfortable, yet fashionable.

The Fashionista strays away from typical black leggings and instead choose to wear leggings that have silver and reflective stripe down both sides. She also is wearing an athletic tank top underneath her sweater. It can be seen through the slits on both sides of her sweater. This outfit is perfect for attending classes at ‘Ole Miss. It is trendy, yet athletic and complements the Fashionista.

One Simple Change: Oxford, Mississippi is a small college town and during the week students dress very casually. But one change I would make to this Fashionista’s look would be to add jeans and simple jewelry for a great brunch look on a Saturday morning.