Well it’s official, according to the oh-so-famous groundhog, spring is coming soon. With the weather changing quickly, all you Fashionistas/os have to be prepared for whatever the weather may bring. Spring is interesting because it can totally change your perspective… and productivity. On sunny days, students stare out the windows during class wishing they could be enjoying the outdoors. And on rainy days, everyone has a hard time getting out of bed, so forget about homework.

On this not-so-sunny Monday morning, this Fashionisto kept it stylish despite the weather. By wearing a patterned button-down with blue pants, it gives him an effortless yet professional look. What really caught my eye was his shoes. How cool are those gray Cole Haans?! I love men’s footwear and I have never seen anything like them. They are a versatile shade of gray with detailed stitching. The navy blue active sole makes them perfect for walking to class in any condition.

Keeping a jacket nearby is always a good idea on a college campus. You never know when a cloudy day will turn to rain or the wind will pick up. This Fashionisto decided to pair his outfit with a charcoal gray peacoat. I think this really ties the outfit together because the darker gray pulls in the light color of his shirt and shoes.

True Fashionistas/os strive to bring fashion wherever they go, even college classes. Mixing comfort and style is essential, but it can be challenging. This Fashionisto stepped up to the plate and pulled this weekday look off flawlessly.

One Simple Change: If your school week hustle includes meeting with your boss or interviews for internships, try changing the blue pants to more formal dress pants and adding a solid tie to complement the patterned button-down.