April 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

As the weather goes back and forth between winter and spring, deciding what to wear to class can turn into quite the daunting task. This Fashionista makes it look easy by taking the classic school-girl uniform and transforming it into a modern and stylish way to dress for any kind of weather.

Color is a major component of this look. Mixing pastels with dark hues has been super popular on runways this season, and this Fashionista displays the trend effortlessly pairing a deep blue overcoat with black leggings, against a light pink button-up and mint-colored flats. Jackets are essential for the unpredictable spring-time weather and leggings add an extra layer of warmth that can be easily removed if the sun decides to come out and play. Let’s not ignore that the plaid stripes in her top blend seamlessly into the color of her jacket, and something about the gray color of her pencil skirt manages to bring out the almost translucent shade of green in her shoes.

Now let’s notice this Fashionista’s handbag choice. One mistake I constantly see and constantly make myself is taking the time to put a super cute outfit together, and then grabbing the oldest Under Armour backpack I own to hold everything I need for class. She totally avoids this all-too-common street-style blunder by choosing a tote that’s big enough to hold all of her class supplies, but stylish as well, keeping her outfit on point and put together.

One Simple Change: What’s great about such a classic look is that it can be altered to meet your own personal style goals and still be reflective of the look itself.  For for an edgier nighttime vibe, trade the flats for a pair of your favorite combat boots, and the overcoat for a detailed bomber jacket. You’ll be ready for a night on the town and whatever else the world or the weather has to throw at you. And you’ll be doing it in style.