By now the semester is up and running, tests are starting and procrastination has begun. This often means not enough sleep and abusing the snooze button as much as possible. Unfortunately, the tiredness and laziness that comes along with that often cause us to slack on what we wear. I know we’ve almost all had those mornings when we really just don’t have the energy to pick out a cute, trendy outfit.

This Fashionista proves that you don’t need a lot of effort to still look put-together. All it took was a cream top layered with a black moto jacket. The jacket gives the outfit an edge that is further reinforced with a pair of black booties. She threw in a bit of subtle jewelry as a way to tie the look together. There’s not a lot of complication or detail to this outfit, which is what makes it so easily wearable and perfect for a rushed morning.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. You can NEVER go wrong with neutrals. For those days that you don’t have time to pick out an outfit, go with neutrals. If you want to give your look an extra push with minimal effort, top it off with some bold lipstick. I always feel like lipstick makes you look like you tried a little harder than you actually did, which is never a bad thing.

Next time you feel like you just want to wear leggings and hoodie to class, think twice. Just trade out your leggings for pants, your T-shirt to a top, add some lipstick and you’re good to go.

One Simple Change: Replacing the thick heel to a taller heeled bootie can change the whole tone of the outfit. It’s a simple and easy way to transform the outfit from daytime to nighttime.