Winter is finally here, and going to school in Ithaca means you’re excited when the weather app reads a temperature that isn’t in the negatives. Therefore, it may be hard to motivate yourself to get ready for class when you feel just like how it looks outside: dreary and cold.

When first hopping out of bed, the classic leggings, oversized sweater and boots combo is easy to revert back to because it’s simple. However, it can be just as simple to put together a cute outfit, even when waking up with only 20 minutes before class.

Unless you’re a color-blocking queen—I bow down to anyone who is—one of the hardest parts about finding a cute outfit is finding a color scheme that matches both the cohesiveness of the look and the season. This Fashionista makes the job a lot easier by choosing a color that’s just as striking as the windchill: black.

In the look she sports a cowl-neck sweater that is effortlessly classy. while both the monogram and Hamsa hand necklaces serve as a subdued statement. The drawstring, over-the-knee boots are easy to slip on when you’re in a time pinch . While lastly, the two-toned neutrals in the coat keep her warm and super stylish. Each one of the articles of clothing are easy to throw on, and will always match no matter what! Winter may be coming, but that doesn’t mean your style has to take a break until a more accommodating season comes along.

One Simple Change: Swap the boots for booties, and you’re date night ready!