Whoever said having to go to class meant you can’t be classy in dress? It’s not necessarily a black-tie occasion, but it never hurts to get your A-game on when heading out to work for those A-grades. Many college students can be accused of quick dressing––and who can blame them? In-between courses there’s hardly time to get in a book bag switch-out and grab lunch, let alone keeping in mind to bring an extra sweater first thing in the morning. However, it could be argued that, just as breakfast is heralded as the way to start out your day, your daily look could easily be help change your daily outlook.

Yeah, it might be easy enough for a Fashionista to reach for the cardigan instead of a sweatshirt, and put up their hair in a messy bun, but what about for the guys? For guys especially, getting dressed up can feel not dislike slipping into a uniform. With far fewer choices on the market for the male physique in the clothing market, it can be a course in itself to pull off fashionable form and function!


The Fashionisto contrasts his blue denim jeans (a wardrobe basic) with a marled blue pullover for texture and darker-hued jacket––his key piece. The buttons on his jacket contrast a warm brown-copper hue with the rest of his monochromatic scheme, and also adds interest to his ah-mazing elbow patch detailing––A++ for pulling it in with academia backpack accessories. The copper tone on top picks up on the cuff from his jeans’ seams––and here’s where the Fashionisto totally pulls it all together by taking fashion rules apart: he paired Birkenstock slip-on sandals and white ankle socks, peaking from beneath his cuffed jeans.

Whether you feel like your caught back in a rut of uniformity, this Fashionisto pictured could serve as some serious outfit inspiration for any guys (or girls) who want to dress up without going all out. This Fashionisto used some basic style staples with a surprise dash of a statement piece to stand out; he looks pulled together, effortless and aesthetically pleasing. What makes his effortless pseudo-Euro style stand out is through utlizing details and unity––a super simple way to make any outfit pop.

One Simple Change: By swapping out his hoodie for a button-up shirt, and his sandals for wing tips (dropping the socks altogether to go European-style), the Fashionisto could bring his look from class-casual to business-casual; he’d totally look set to go for an on-the-go interview for some graphic design gig. Or maybe a weekend warm weather vespa excursion.