With the change from winter to spring approaching quickly, there are bound to be many weather confused Fashionistas roaming around campus. “Should I still wear my winter jacket?”, “Do I need a hat and gloves?”, “How do I transition from winter to spring?”.

These are all questions that Fashionistas/os ask ourselves when we wake up on a brisk morning that turns into a warm afternoon. This Fashionista is an exemplar of the perfect outfit for class in this time of weather transition.

A vest is the perfect outerwear for this time of year because, not only is it a sleeveless winter coat, but it also gives personality to an outfit. This Fashionista, wearing a purple Lilly Pulitzer vest, shows off her preppy personal style. As we get deeper into February and March approaches, student at IU should all take a cue from this Fashionista because her vest paired with a cream white J.Crew sweater makes for the perfect combination. Dark wash skinny jeans are a staple for all aspiring Fashionistas/os and are a perfect pant for this preppy look.

In order to complete her style, this Fashionista adds brown tall riding boots. Personally, I am obsessed with riding boots and I think they are something every Fashionista should own. As for accessories, this Fashionista is wearing her favorite monogrammed necklace. I’ve never been one to wear monograms, but I think that it makes this Fashionista stand out among the rest.

One Simple Change: Turn this outfit into a something a little more fancy by taking off the vest and adding a few more layered necklaces. Pair the outfit with some high-heeled booties and this outfit becomes perfect for dinner with the family.