Dressing for class is tough. Class is no big occasion like heading to work in the A.M. You want to be comfortable, but more often than not being comfortable turns into completely bumming it. Am I right? Slip-on Vans, black leggings and loose T-shirt are the typical 8:00 a.m. go-to. I used to be someone who dressed up every day regardless of my plans. This ideal quickly dissolved with the build up of assignments, job searching, social life—everything! I’ve been trying to put more effort back into my everyday look. I find looking your best truly makes you feel your best. I end up having more productive days and feeling more like myself when I wear something stylish.

This Fashionista’s outfit is beyond class-worthy. She has taken her black leggings to a whole new level! I love how she seamlessly made her comfy, long-sleeve thermal and leggings into a put together, chic look. It is the perfect outfit to go from day-to-night. Layering is a girl’s best friend in the chillier months. I love how she layered this adorable statement coat with her baby blue thermal. The color contrast is everything, and the structure of the jacket really brings the whole look together.

Now for details. The trick to really dressing up your comfy essentials is sprucing them up with your favorite accessories! I am beyond obsessed with this Fashionista’s handbag. It is literally to-die-for! All the texture and pattern play on the purse alone brings so much life to the outfit. Her subtle jewelry is a nice touch to make her comfy pieces feel dressed up. Lastly, the hat is perfect as a finishing touch, and great for this lovely weather we’ve been having!

One Simple Change: Heading somewhere a little bit more fancy? Lets say, graduation? Switch out your leggings for a pair of trusty denim and pair with a slightly heeled shoe.