March 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

Going to school on a quarter system means finals are quickly approaching in the next few weeks. Finals week encompasses: extra study hours, procrastination (hopefully not, but let’s be real here), late homework nights and not enough sleep. It would be easy to succumb to sweatpants and hoodies for finals. This look is casual and simple to put together for finals while still being stylish like the Fashionisto that you are.

A denim jacket is trending majorly for men everywhere right now and goes effortlessly with any T-shirt underneath of it. You can keep the T-shirt underneath solid or even opt for a graphic or band T-shirt. The denim jacket also adds a layering element to the look, which is beneficial being that classroom temperatures are unpredictable. Shivering while taking a final exam would be quite tragic. Pairing the denim jacket with black jeans pulls the entire look together. Finishing off the outfit with sneakers like these Comme des Garçons Converse extends the comfort of this look, perfect for finals week. This outfit is easy to put together and throw on in the morning no matter how much time you have to get ready, which is needed during finals week because of three words: lack of sleep. By keeping it comfortable and still fashionable you will be extra confident walking into school.

One Simple Change: Just got out of class and want to meet up with a few friends or head out to dinner? Try switching out the denim jacket for a leather one or simply ditching the sneakers and opting for a pair of more polished boots. You will automatically look more dressed up while technically still rocking a T-shirt; it’s a win-win situation.