It’s starting to get to that point in the year when you’re halfway into the semester and you want to give up. Not on your grades, of course, but on the way you look. I know how it feels—you sleep through your alarm because you’re up all night studying and you throw on leggings, a parka and the first shirt you can find. Then, you’re walking through campus and you see girls who seem comfortable, yet they have it completely together.

This Fashionista did a RAD job of creating her own casual-chic look. She is wearing an army green jacket, which is a great staple for any winter wardrobe. When it’s so cold, a jacket can make or break your outfit, so having one with such a great color is important! By keeping the jacket open, she is also showing off her adorable pink sweater. My favorite part about this sweater is the side zipper, which is a great detail to add to any basic sweater. She makes the decision I think we all need to occasionally make, and trades leggings in for ripped jeans with booties. Wearing jeans can make you look that much more put together. Sometimes, you just have to fake it till you make it; no one will know that you slept through your alarm yet again. She finishes off her look by accessorizing with simple, layered necklaces and a white bralette. We should all feel inspired by this Fashionista and realize that looking cute for class is not as hard as it seems!

One Simple Change: Have to grab dinner with friends after class? Switch up the pink sweater for a lace-up blouse, and everyone will be jealous of your fabulous look!