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The beginning of winter semester brings out two specific breeds of students every year. On one hand, we have the students who are embracing their “new you,” filled with lively resolutions and even livelier style. On the other hand, there’s the rest of us, struggling to wear anything other than sweatpants to 8:30 a.m. lectures. Take note from this Fashionisto, who finds the dreamy balance between style and comfort that is perfect for class every day.

The staple of any student’s wardrobe has got to be the plaid shirt. The flannel texture is essential for keeping cozy in even the chilliest of lecture halls. On top of that, the cool contrast between red and black totally makes the look pop on dreary mornings. Paired with a long T-shirt underneath, the plaid shirt can easily be tied around the waist for the rest of the day. Now as tempting as it may be to reach for those joggers, why not opt for a comfy denim? This Fashionisto elevates his black jeans by cuffing the bottoms. This added touch not only shows off his personal style, but also brings the focus down to his amazing sneakers.

Arguably the star of this Fashionisto’s look lies in the accessories. The crispness of the white sneaker and the sleek gold accents complement how dark the rest of the outfit is. The use of mixed metals with the gold-accented shoes against the stacked silver bracelets gives the look an edginess that I love. Put together, the outfit gives off the “I tried, but I didn’t try too hard” vibe that all of us strive for as we get dressed for school in the morning.

One Simple Change: Take this look straight from the library into date night by swapping the parka for a slick leather jacket that is sure to make your girl swoon.