February 9th, 2016 at 2:10am

I know I cannot be the only one who struggles with finding the right outfit to wear to class. There’s always the hard decision of whether to look dressy in a nice blazer and heels or bumming it out in my favorite leggings. I mean, I am all for the “dress for success” motto, but do I really have to sacrifice comfort too?

Dressy meets casual for this skater boy’s outfit of the day. This Fashionisto has found the perfect balance between looking clean and presentable, while still being casual and comfortable enough to show off his skills on his board.

Button-down collard shirts are nice, but tribal patterned ones are even better. The collard shirt peaking out of the hoodie adds that “dressed up” look while the pattern on the shirt and the hoodie makes it more casual. The tribal pattern on the button down gives the shirt a more playful look, thus making the look more casual. Khakis are awesome because they look nicer than your every day jean, and they’re just as or even more comfortable. Jeans are typically a go to for casual days while khakis are typically acceptable to wear in the work place. Mixing the khaki pants with a more casual outfit gives the look a nice juxtaposition. To add some sophistication to his look, this Fashionisto paired his smart watch as his only accessory and kept it casual in the shoe department with some trusty Vans.

One Simple Change: Heading to a more formal setting such as graduation? Switch out the hoodie for a nice sweater and you will instantly transform your outfit from casual day in class to a polished grad.