February 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

Who doesn’t want to be ultimately comfortable, yet stylish during class? In most occasions, everything you need to achieve such a look is already in your closet and it’s just a matter of pairing certain articles of clothing together accordingly! The technique is to pair together your favorite detail pieces with a base of your most comfortable clothing, whether that be your favorite classic leggings or even an oversized T-shirt.

This Fashionisto has met the line right between comfortable and stylish by pairing his favorite cotton flannel and classic black jeans with an edgy leather jacket from Express, and these Ralph Lauren sneakers. Hats are essential to every Fashionista/o, as I’ve mentioned in previous articles. They not only allow one to drop the worry of a bad hair day during a time crunch to get ready but hats also add that extra pizazz to any outfit. Of course, being able to flaunt certain things you’re passionate about in your outfit will make you love your outfit and feel great about it even ten times more! This Fashionisto felt lucky enough to find a snapback to match with any outfit that also tied in his love for basketball. He said, “Dressing well for class not only boosts my confidence in myself, but also my confidence in doing well in class in general. I just have this theory that if you dress well and look put together, your life will slowly find its way to piece everything together accordingly.” There you go! As the Fashionisto himself said, dressing well for class may actually have a bigger impact on your academics and life than you thought possible!

One Simple Change: Now that you’re done with class and you’re feeling confident about the exam you just took, you may want to go out to a classy relaxing dinner with your friends, family or significant other. Don’t forget to lose the hat and try swapping out the sneakers for a nice pair of black dress shoes.