February 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

What’s cuter than a boy who knows how to hit the books and look good at the same time? I am not too sure. What I do know, though, is that it is extremely difficult to find the motivation to get up for school in the morning and put something on that you would actually want to be seen in. At Indiana University, students have mastered this skill no matter what Mother Nature decides to bring to campus that day. Due to the array of students here, campus is always exciting with new looks and styles, keeping Fashionistas/os on their toes.

This Fashionisto perfected the preppy, yet nerdy, look by mixing sportswear with a fresh pair of dress shoes. Patagonia pullovers come in many different textures, colors and patterns. Here, we see this student wearing a plain, quilted Patagonia pullover that pairs perfectly with his washed out red khakis. Straying from the casual preppy look, this Fashionisto paired his gear with some classy dress shoes that would usually be associated with a more formal outfit.

Never turn down the opportunity to add some accessories to your look. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently obsessing over belts. They always add a nice touch to any outfit, whether you want to dress it down, make it more formal or even want to add more detail to something simple. Subtle, yet substantial, the belt adds to this Fashionisto’s outfit by complementing the light tones and casual look.

Jewelry is to girls as watches are to guys. Have you ever had an outfit that is just incomplete without some jewelry to make it a bit more stylish? The same goes for watches. Watches not only add a nice touch, but they give any outfit a lot of class and give people the impression that you’ve got places to go, people to see! Lastly, the prescription glasses add a studious vibe to this look that’s perfect for the classroom. The black Ray-Bans complement the black dress shoes, and give off the impression that this Fashionisto is ready to hit the books!

One Simple Change: Have a date after class? Just layer a gray or black sweater underneath the pullover, and this outfit could go from classroom attire to a table for two at your favorite restaurant.