So, even though it is officially “winter,” we can all agree that this bipolar weather is making it a bit difficult to pick out the appropriate outfit for the day. I myself, have been struggling with either being too hot or too cold once I’ve left my house for the day. One life-changing tip that I was recently told over the holidays by my ever so wise mother (aka my fashion diva idol) is to dress in layers this season. I will take my mother’s advice, and make layering my new rule for this upcoming semester, because nothing is worse than being too hot or too cold while sitting in class. So, good news—layering will be a quick and easy fix!

You already have all of the pieces in your wardrobe between the transitioning out of fall and into winter, so pairing them will be easy! An outfit, like what my friend is wearing above, is super trendy, but also super easy to throw on for class. Graphic T-shirts are a huge, fun trend right now so why sacrifice them just because of the “cold” weather? The lightweight cardigan is perfect for throwing over a T-shirt, and it adds an extra layer of warmth while, at the same time, it’s not so heavy that you are going to break out into a sweat as soon as you step inside. For added comfort while sitting in class, pair these two pieces with boyfriend jeans. While no one has forgotten the pant of the decade, a.k.a. leggings, a looser fit pant with durable and thick fabric, like boyfriend jeans, are better for this changing weather. The boyfriend jean will allow for your skin to cool if you get too hot, while a tighter pant like a legging, may take longer to do so since it’s trapping all of the heat inside.

Bonus tip: For those of you who also attend school in the city (or a widespread campus), wearing a pair of functional walking shoes to class, like a sneaker, will make your life so much easier (and comfortable). It’s so easy to make sneakers cute and trendy these days with a type like Converse or Vans. In my opinion, your first investment in a pair of Converse or Vans should be in a neutral and basic color like white or black, to match with more in your wardrobe.

One Simple Change: Planning on going out with friends after a long day of class? Switch out the sneaker for a pair of strappy heels. For added edge and flare, switch the cardigan with a leather jacket. The jacket is also a bit thicker and warmer than the cardigan, so it will keep you at a comfortable state as the temperature drops in the evening.