January 13th, 2016 at 2:00am

I don’t know about you guys, but my classes always seem to be freezing! Even when it’s hot outside I’ll wear a sweater and jeans just to keep me warm in class. With winter here, this Fashionisto has the perfect outfit to keep you warm in and out of class. His knit sweater looks cozy yet fashionable with the striped pattern. The colors of the sweater also work perfectly together. You can never go wrong with cream and navy blue.

The sweater looks great with his dark wash jeans! To give the outfit extra personality, the jeans are cuffed to show off some fresh polka-dot socks. The subtle display of the socks really give this Fashionisto’s outfit a mix-and-match vibe that is definitely in style. The maroon and white colors contrast well with the colors of the jeans and sweater.

To top off the outfit, he wore a pair of brown chukka boots. I love these boots because they instantly add a rugged touch to any outfit. The color also matches perfectly with the brown gold face watch. A nice watch looks good with anything because it’s a classic staple piece to anyone’s wardrobe. These accessories tie the whole outfit together and keep the cool look to it.

One Simple Change: Trying to head to brunch with some friends before your next class? Switch out the knit sweater for a funky patterned button-down! You’ll look fresh and cool for your delicious brunch. Plus, you’ll be ready to talk to any cute people you might run into!