January 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

Raise your hand if you have enjoyed your winter break. Extra time with friends and family or just lounging around at home gives every Fashionista/o some time to unwind. The beginning of January means it is time to get our thinking caps back on and ace this semester. I have always felt that college is a great place to express your style. Some of us have either faced school uniforms or restricted dress codes at work. College is the sanctuary of fashion expression. It’s no wonder CollegeFashionista is a gold mine for stylish individuals.

I was shameless in this post and decided to rope my boyfriend into showing what he wears to class. The key to this Fashionisto’s style is comfort. As a mechanical engineering major at Portland State University he takes a heavy course load and the last thing he needs is the burden of coordinating an outfit. Reaching for a trusty combo of jeans and a cozy sweater he can look put together while simultaneously passing physics and calculus. Rocking a water resistant jacket is crucial for the rainy Portland climate. Completing this outfit are brown leather boots, great for tacking on those miles while walking to and from class.

One Simple Change: Many Fashionistas/os need to make a quick phone booth change in the blink of an eye. Superman has nothing on us! Need to switch from class to work? Just swap those jeans out for slacks or corduroys for a crisp professional look.