January 27th, 2016 at 2:10am

With winter finally arriving in Pittsburgh, it’s easy to want to hide away in your apartment snuggled in millions of blankets. But instead of showing up to class in a classic groufit, show off your style in something comfy and easy enough to put together in just a few minutes before you head out the door.

I have always admired the simplicity of menswear and often look to it for inspiration. We have all been guilty of shopping in the mens department at some point in our lives, and why be ashamed? Their clothing is casual enough to look like they are barely trying and some times even more affordable.

This Fashionisto is wearing one of my all time favorite staple pieces that continues to show up season after season: the cardigan. It is almost essential to any outfit, whether for men or women, during the fall and winter months. It allows you to wear those short sleeves even in the negative temperatures, and is a lot less of a hassle than a huge, uncomfortable sweater. You can pair this with some dark-wash jeans or even black pants. Add a few details such as a watch, or a long chain necklace and prepare to feel put together. Neutral colored boots are a must for any stylish guy walking around campus. The first thing I notice about an outfit are the shoes. A lot of people neglect their attention to something so important, and it says a lot about your style I promise!  Find a pair that you can’t stop wearing and soon they’ll become your staple.

One Simple Change: This look can be easily recreated for men and even women with a few minor adjustments. Add more dramatic necklaces and bracelets to dress up the look, or even opt for some nice heeled booties for a night out with the girls. A bold-colored purse can easily take the look from day to night.