Waking up for class and wanting to be warm while remaining stylish can be a bit of a challenge when you would rather just grab sweatpants and walk out the door. The best way to balance warmth and a good fashion sense is with layers. This Fashionista wears a neutral colored sweater with a maroon infinity scarf, which is a great fit for the fall season. She tops it off with a cute patterned kimono. This ensures that the Fashionista won’t be cold while taking on the foggy and windy mornings of Knoxville.

This Fashionista rocked the perfect fall outfit with the help of the kimono and scarf. The black jeans serve as the neutral, dark piece of the outfit, which is why the colors in the kimono and scarf accent the outfit. Scarves are good to throw on with anything, and the colors can be played with to mix and match easily! Additionally, they are comfortable and keep the upper body warm.

The pairing of the infinity scarf and the high-rise socks is what stood out to me the most. The combination adds the extra chic aspect to this fall style and also help to further accessorize and spice it up. An outfit is cutest in the fall when it is dressed up to each person’s unique style and what they are most comfortable in, which this Fashionista accomplished very well.

One Simple Change: Want to transform this outfit to be a little more fitting for a night out on the town? All you need is one simple change. Switch out the boots for some comfy wedges or casual heels that will make the outfit appear a little more dressy while still being warm for the cold nights!