Going to school in a city has many differences from your normal state school college. Students are brunching on Saturdays instead of tailgating, and running downtown in between classes and meetings to get hours in at their internships. It’s a different way of life overall, and a major factor affected by this lifestyle is the students’ sense of style. While walking on campus, I typically see students wearing leather leggings, ponchos, booties and other trendy pieces. It can be very tempting at times to want to wear leggings and an oversized sweater to class, but I’ve found some great methods that combine both comfort and trends to ensure I still look fashionable without having to put too much effort into my outfit.

One of my favorite ways to remain comfortable and chic is wearing a cute dress. They’re so effortless while also appearing dressy, so you have the best of both worlds. This Fashionista incorporates that aspect perfectly with her black and white plaid dress, which I was obsessed with from the moment I saw her on the sidewalk. It’s flannel fabric not only keeps her warm in these chillier fall temperatures, but also is extremely comfortable. This is the perfect fabric for class because nothing is worse than sitting for an hour and a half feeling uncomfortable. As if the dress wasn’t cute enough by itself, the addition of her beige anorak is the perfect layering piece, and really brings out the white stripes amongst the dominantly black dress.

Finding the best way to mix blacks and browns in the same outfit has been a goal of mine this fall, and this Fashionista did so perfectly in her ensemble. Her tall leather boots’ rich shade of brown complements her dress perfectly. Had the color been any darker or lighter, the boots would not have looked quite as good with the black dress. Lastly, her pop of red lipstick was a great addition to her neutral outfit. As an avid neutral wearer, I will definitely be incorporating this trick to brighten up my outfits in the future, especially as the holidays are approaching.

Overall, this Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for class here in Chicago because she can still remain comfortable while looking as chic as ever. If you’re looking to incorporate a similar look to your class attire, some main aspects to consider including are a casual dress, tall leather boots and a bright lipstick.

One Simple Change: As temperatures start to cool down, this outfit can easily be adapted to keep you warmer. Just swap out the anorak with a faux fur coat and add tights underneath the dress.