October 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

The semester is halfway done and you see a lot of students on campus already wearing sweatpants. Everyone is getting lazy and they do not want to dress up for class anymore. I know everyone is tired of going through their closets and having to choose outfits every single day before class, but it doesn’t hurt to look good once in awhile. I’ve seen this Fashionista around campus and I think she’s got the whole dressing up for school thing down on a regular basis. While it is finally fall, I don’t think Mother Nature knows it yet. Why not make use of the beautiful weather and wear shorts and skirts before the cold weather really comes?

This Fashionista is all dressed up and ready to pay attention in class—or at least she looks it. The look she has on is preppy, but still casual; she can wear this to any casual event. This Fashionista has on a gray sleeveless top from Urban Outfitters with a black blazer from Zara. She definitely made this look pop and added some color to the outfit with her skirt from Forever 21. She paired her outfit with some CDG x Converse sneakers and knee-high socks. You can strut around campus looking trendy and chic with what this Fashionista is wearing

One Simple Change: If you’re done with classes for the day and want to grab a bite to eat and hang out with friends, just switch out the blazer for a cardigan for something that is light and casual for a chill girl’s night out.