November 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

Jokingly, my friends and I always seem to categorize people’s style as L.A. or New York. This Fashionista definitely went the L.A. route on her way to class. I’ve been seeing either dark colored or University of St. Thomas spirited outfits around campus, though I spotted a fruit loop in a world of cheerios for this WHAT TO WEAR. This Fashionista is bringing back the ‘80s with her cheetah print headband and oversized sweater with leggings.

Wearing an oversized sweater is a way to look less frumpy when going to class. Instead of wearing a pullover sweatshirt (I will admit I did this when I was a freshman), wearing something comfy yet fashionable is always the way to go. Light pink has surprisingly been one of the main colors that sweaters are coming in these days, which is odd because it is thought to be a spring color. Light pink is versatile for winter and spring, as well as when deciding whether or not to wear sliver or gold jewelry with it. This Fashionista chose her Tiffany & Co. necklace to keep things relaxed on her way to class.

I do love a good print to spice up any outfit going to class and a big headband with fierce print is a quick and easy thing to grab when running late or to mix up your outfit. Cheetah can be used in subtle ways, but also as a statement piece, which she said, was her goal in this outfit. Although, her shoes and socks are quite the statements themselves. To stay warm and fashionable this fall and winter, add a fun sock, usually neutral colored, with any shoe as shown here. Timberland or nude colored boots are something that can make any one look like Beyoncé.

One Simple Change: Wear this look for weekend wear if you are chilling with friends or family. You will feel comfy, casual and put together without having to put on sweatpants, a baggy sweatshirt or T-shirt. And of course, ditch the backpack and instead, wear a strappy over the shoulder bag.